Quality standard

  • Wood grade is QF2/3;
  • Margin of thickness is – 1 mm + 2 mm (for planed) and -3 mm + 2 mm (for rough)
  • Margin of width is -10 mm + 10 mm;
  • Margin of length is -10 mm + 20 mm;
  • No sapwood in the tables, a little sapwood allowed only on the underside of the tables, tables with tree edge can have sapwood on the long side of the tables;
  • The most optimal moisture content is 10 to 12 %;
  • No Yellow or brown rot on surface, no soft or rotten parts; Exception – rough;
  • All open defects could be filled up with wood-colored filler;
  • The used glue is wood-glue D4 501;
  • No glue left overs, also not on the underside;
  • Planks are equal thickness, also on the underside; Exception – rough;
  • Planks are fully touch each other, no open cracks where the glue is visible, also on the underside. Exception – rough;
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