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Our company is the owner of the Bravo Wood Holding trademark and production facilities, which carry out the production and supply of wood products around the world. Our company located in the North of Ukraine and caring about ecology and nature is our values – we do not use illegal and/or stolen wood, we do not produce trash and low-quality products, we do not make promises that we can not fulfill. If you are looking for something very cheap and you do not appreciate our values and ideology, try to find another supplier.

Bravo Wood Holding old oak tabletop boomstamtafel oude eiken altholz robuuste tafels tisch Bravo Wood Holding old oak tabletop oude eiken altholz robuuste tafel

Prices & general information. Our manufacturing and trading facilities allow us to occupy a strong position in the wholesale supply.

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We also carry out individual orders that can be executed in accordance with your individual and specific wishes. Delivery time – 3-4 weeks.

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Basic quality standards.

We constantly care about the quality of our products – just HQ and pragmatism, not lyrics and populism

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Massive tabletops

​Tables made of natural wood is always practical and beautiful – you can kindle a fire, cook and fulfill your marital duty – our tables, made of natural wood, can help and endure all of this, and it will fulfill these functions even when you have erectile dysfunction and senile dementia. This thing will serve for decades. In any case, it weighs so much that you have to sweat to drag it to the garbage.

Bravo Wood Holding epoxy combine ash tabletop tisch eetkamertafel


Wood species

Every hardwood is different, so it is best to choose one with a grain and color that fits your vision



Oak is probably one of the best woods for making furniture. It is strong, stable and can be stained, left natural etc.

Old Oak (planed)

Reclaimed old oak has its own history, color, unique grain, texture and voids.

Limited eco-friendly material

Old Oak (rough)

Weathered (windwall) side of reclaimed solid wood after special handling become really unique product for true connoisseurs

Bravo Wood Holding elm tabletop tafel tisch стол Украина


Specific contrast hardwood material with well-known color and texture


Ash is a solid wood with a similar grain to oak, but lighter in general color with contrast strains in heartwood plates


Pear wood has more light parts than Apple wood, otherwise they look alike


Execution & style

Check all variants of execution to pick up the best one which suits you

Each design and execution method is unique and there are a large number of possible combinations of finishes that you can choose according to your taste and in accordance with your needs. All options are possible for both wholesale and retail orders. After you pick up the basic items — material and style, you can choose other details.
Bravo Wood Holding reclaimed old oak tabletop oude eiken altholz robuuste tafels tischplatte


Unfilled cracks and live knots. Original texture and surface

Bravo Wood Holding epoxy combine ash tabletop tafel tisch стол Украина


Cracks and voids filled with transparent or colored epoxy

Bravo Wood Holding epoxy monolith reclaimed old oak tabletop oude eiken altholz robuuste tafels tischplatte


Full epoxy – covering surface with 2-3mm epoxy layer

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