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Quality standards

Common quality norms for bulk orders

Each tabletop is manufactured according to established quality standards. Thanks mainly to manual work, we are able to control the production process at all stages. If you have special requirements for the quality and specificity of your tabletops when ordering in bulk, we can discuss and fulfill your order in accordance with your requirements.

Bravo Wood Holding meets our customers in the event of a defect caused by a production or technological error. Such cases are extremely rare and they all fit into the commercial norms for permissible defects in products. The options for compensation and settlement of the problem as a whole are spelled out in the Contract.

Please pay attention to the rules for the operation and storage of tabletops – most often the violation of these standards leads to any problems, and not deviations from the production technology.

— Standard of width – 40mm, glued on a long side.
— Margin of thickness -2+2mm.
— Margin of width of straight edged tabletop -5+5mm.
— Margin of length -10+10mm.

— The Quality of the used wood is Q-B2/B3 (C grade).
— Cracks, falling knots and holes are allowed and could be filled with epoxy resin or filler (unless otherwise specified by the customer).

— A little sapwood allowed only on the underside of the tabletops, tabletops with live edges can have sapwood on the long side.
— Permissible humidity 8-10%. Equlibrium – 10-15%.

– The used glue is wood-glue D4 501 Kleiberit Pur.
– No glue left overs, also on the underside.
– Planks are equal thickness, also on the underside (exception is rough old oak tabletops).

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