40000 Sumy, Ukraine

About us

Bravo Wood Holding

Our company is a Private Enterprise, located in the North part of Ukraine and owner of registered ®Bravus trademark.

Bravo Wood Holding is our primary and first-born brand. It is well known throughout Europe and is responsible for the wholesale export of tabletops and other solid wood furniture in bulk.

We are not engaged in stamping standard and patterned tabletops. Every order we carry out is always unique – different types of wood, design, sizes, quantities, etc. Because it is not a problem for us.

Bravo Wood Holding does not offer LQ and semi-finished product. Every tabletop is coated with oil or lacquer (optional) on both sides. Also, each tabletop is stabilized with milled painted steel stabilizers.

Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to fulfill our clients’ craziest orders.
Making the most of manual work, we are able to control the production process at every stage.

Bravo Wood Holding is a correct and environmentally responsible brand, therefore we do not use illegal wood, regardless of the wood species. We select and check the raw materials even for old wood tabletops ourselves at every stage – from choosing a structure for demolition, cleaning barn timber, sawing, drying, and up to choosing each specific board that will be used to create tabletops.

We are ready to meet almost any requirement – from brushing to milling the mortise couplings from the back to attach any of your legs.

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