40000 Sumy, Ukraine

Execution options

Some style options that can be chosen in bulk order

Bravo Wood Holding offers various options for the execution of our tabletops, which can meet the demand of any of your customers. Each variant is unique and requires a different production time. Also, the cost of each is different. When placing an order, you must indicate in what execution each tabletop should be (in addition to all other parameters – size, shape, quantity, coating, etc.).


Cracks, knots and all voids stay unfilled, cleaned and safety detailed. Tabletops in Natural execution could not be more than 30% of total order’s volume.


Cracks, knots and all voids filled with wood-colored or black filler – special solid putty. An option that is very similar to Combine execution, but only has 2 colors and a lower cost.


Cracks, knots and all voids filled with epoxy resin. Epoxy could be transparent or colored. Resin can be poured into the same level with the surface of the wood or to a certain level (for example 90%) in order to keep cracks palpable when touched.


Surface of tabletop fully covered with transparent or very light colored epoxy resin. The layer that covers the surface of the tabletop is approximately 3mm.

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